Explore the Amazon rainforest as we cumbia our way through Colombia. Let's learn español as we meet and greet all the creepy crawlies, fuzzy and cute, slithery, feathery and winged amigos from one of the seven wonders of the world. The Amazon rainforest and river are full of life and keep our planet healthy. Let's learn the colors, numbers, greetings, foods and verbs like "saltar", "comer" y "bailar"
Crafts and activities will include making our own terrarium, jungle slime, learning about the butterfly's and frog's life cycles, clay foot prints, paper plate Venus fly traps, drum circles, and much, much more!
Country of the Week: Colombia
MUSIC/DANCE RHYTHM: Cumbia and Samba dancing
Class project: AMAZON RAINFORES DIORAMA- We will build a life-size and "selfie" worthy replica of the Amazon rainforest. .Every day we will discuss the important layers and role the rainforest plays in our world.

This pack is valid for 4 spots at any of our included activities.
This pack will expire on Sep 1, '20 at 4:59am.
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