Monday | Exploradores: 5-8 year olds 5:15pm


*Monday 5:15pm*

This Spanish immersion class will allow your children to learn how to converse, read and write in Spanish. It is one of the best times, developmentally speaking, to learn! Language acquisition and comprehension will occur as they sing, dance, listen to and participate in story time, puppet shows, and brief plays. Children will learn about different cultures, music, art, foods, history, sports and games traditionally played in Spain and Latin America. The curriculum combines fun rhythms, instruments, story time, manipulatives, arts, crafts, games, handouts, workbooks, reader books, and many other fun learning activities in a stress-free environment.

*Parents will receive a weekly hand out delineating material covered, recommended songs/videos and reading material. In addition, students get full access to our ¡Viva! Spanish videos and audio.

$88 / month
1 month